Visiting Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables is a city located close to Miami, FL. It's a very beautiful place with Venetian Pool and wonderful Art Museum. Keep reading to learn more.

We visited Coral Gables to learn a little bit about this wonderful place. 

If you are planning to visit the city to have a good time and enjoy with a friend or perhaps you are considering to live in the region, just read through this blog post to find out more information.

Coral Gables, FL

When we were visiting Coral Gables, I noticed that the place looks a little bit old but it's very cultural. The population is around 46 800 inhabitants, so it can be considered as a small city.

Coral Gables trolley

There's a trolley that runs around the city and it looks like old fashion.

But it's a nice vehicle and people that use the service say it's very comfortable, clean and always conducted by a polite driver. 

My first impression was that Coral Gables was a place because I was running down an avenue I saw houses with security bars on doors and windows.

So, I thought it was a dangerous city. But I was completely wrong !

Then I found out that the houses are like that not because the city is not safe, the bars is from a traditional style that came with the colonization.

Some people that live in Coral Gables are Spanish decedent who loves some decoration that resembles Spain. That's also the reason the streets have names like Navarre, Poncio de Leon, etc.

The beautiful houses in Coral Gables

The city of Coral Gables is one of the most expensive to live in and when running around the place it's possible to see some modern mansions. 

Coral Gables has a "natural face", you realize that some houses were built respecting a tree space, for example, different from other cities where the trees are simply removed to give space for building and houses.

Coral Gables house

When I found the hidden places in the city, I ended up being enchanted with the beauty around the houses. Now that I know better the other part of the city, I can say that it is worth visiting.

The hidden trail

We found a trail that is used by the locals to ride a bicycle, walk the dog, jog or have some other activity close to nature.

Coral Gables Trail

We found a trail that is used by the locals to ride a bicycle, walk the dog, jog or have some other activity close to the nature.

Family in Coral Gables

Some people were playing Tarzan on the trail's trees, runners, people with their dogs, and even a man with a mini-car.

We visited a park across the street, but as we were late for such a tour, it was not worth paying to get in on that day.

Visiting the Park

The park is very big, if you visit the place, just make sure you have at least a half a day full day to enjoy everything, but if you really love the nature, a full day walking around the place is even better.

Matheson Park in Coral Gables
Coral Gables Park Hours
Coral Gables Park Store
Coral Gables Park Store 02

The Marina in Coral Gables

There's another park, with a marina where people go for everything, taking pictures, picnicking and fishing. In fact you find everything there !!

It's a nice place to look at the sea and have a good time

Coral Gables Marine 01
Coral Gables Marine 02

How about filling the thank of your boat? The fuel pump is available !

Coral Gables Marine Fuel 02
Coral Gables Marine Fuel 01

Having a good time with my family, What a wonderful place !

Amanda and Claudemir in Coral Gables
Claudemir and Valdirne in Coral Gables

I'm sure you will like the place, especially if you are with friends or family.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Coral Gables

You definitely must visit Coral Gables to enjoy this place with your family and friends, don't miss the cultural part of the city.

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