Most affordable places to live in Florida

I came to the US many years ago and that was one of the best decision I ever made.

I'm pretty sure the life in this country is very good as I experienced myself by analyzing the pros and cons of living in the USA. But how about Florida ? (The state I live in).

I live in Miami-Dade County with my family and all of sudden I start wondering if this is really the best place in the state. So I decided to research the most affordable places to live in Florida, and now I can share this information with you...

Price of houses represented with coins

Deciding where to live is quite difficult as there are a lot of considerations to make. It is not as simple as eating a piece of cake. One of the things that should not be disregarded is the affordability of the place where you will be staying.

To be affordable is not only related to the costs of the place, but it also about the quality of life and the cost of living.

Florida is definitely a must-go place for anyone who hasn't been there. If you have been in this place, sure enough, you have been caught with its beauty and magnificence and now you are considering to buy or rent a place to live in the state.

The good news is, that I can help you to take that decision since in this article, you will find out the most affordable places to live in Florida.

1. Kissimmee


Image from the city official website

Kissimmee is the site of one of the 5 Best Amusement Parks in the U.S., yet it's something beyond a get-away goal. You can discover amazingly reasonable lodging in the low $100k's close by the other 60,000 or more inhabitants in the zone which means that is is not crowded at all and a lot of space is available.

While Walt Disney World has made Kissimmee an expansive vacation spot, there have been numerous beneficial outcomes from development and monetary incitement. The place has been featured in many Disney movies which eventually contributed to its growing economic status and to the great number of tourists who visit the city every single day.

The city is a prime area for stimulation, open-air amusement and solid employment development. It is helpful to all major roadways, making it simple to drive to work or look for experiences.

Kissimmee houses an amusement park which is considered are one of the best of its kind in the U.S. It is not only a vacation destination but it is also a great place to live in. Houses in there are very affordable.

Kissimmee is a strategic location for different things such as entertainment, recreation, and a lot of job opportunities.

2. Palm Coast

Palm Coast, Florida

Image from the city official website

If you are looking for a serene place located near the beach, Palm Coast is definitely what you are looking for. Palm Coast is a scenic and quiet place to live with an easy and simple way of living. Located at Florida's upper east coast, Palm Coast is a less touched city when it comes to hurricanes. This means that is much safer to live in there if you always have had dilemmas about hurricanes.

Look no further for seas, network, a tranquil and beautiful homefront, and a simple lifestyle. Its area on the upper eastern shore of Florida, just as its breezes, make it a city less contacted by storms, giving sufficient daylight all year.

It likewise has one of Florida's best-kept-mystery shorelines. Palm Coast is spotted with bright untamed life and radiant trails. Its serene network makes it an incredible place to resign and discover peacefulness without being excessively far from everything.

Moreover, the sun is shining almost all throughout the year. Palm Coast does not only offer magnificent beaches, but it also houses colorful wildlife and amazing trails. Above all, the price of houses isn't that much but sure enough, it is very peaceful to live in there. Palm Coast offers everything you ever need without going far away from civilization.

3. Cape Coral

Cape Coral

Image from the city official website

Cape Coral is known as the city which houses the greatest number of canals in all cities in the world. To be more specific, it has over 400 miles of canal. The city is located between Tampa and Miami and is known as the Waterfront Wonderland and it's a center point for angling and sculling.

More than some other city on the planet. It's the greatest city among Tampa and Miami, and Fort Meyers lies directly over the Caloosahatchee River.

This is because the place is known for fishing and boating at the same time. It is an affordable place to live because, with as low as $180,000 you can have a mid-class house.

You don't need to spend enormous cash to have some good times at numerous dynamic and relaxation open air and goal exercises. When it comes to leisure and adventure, you really do not have to go away as is a popular activity and leisure destination.

Some of the places which make Cape Coral stay on the forefront include Useppa Island, Sun Splash Family Waterpark, Cape Coral Yacht Club, Rotary Park Environmental Center, Rum distillery tours, Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library, Farmers Market, and so much more.

4. Palm Bay

Palmbay Florida

Image from the city official website

The place is formerly known as Tillman. It was only in the 1920s that the city was known as Palm Bay. Obviously, it got its name from the palm trees located on the shores of the city which has magnificent beaches and intricate barrier islands.

It is also known as the "Space Coast" that houses two space centers - the Cape Canaveral and the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

Cape Canaveral and the John F. Kennedy Space Center are found on the northernmost large barrier islands. Buying a property on there is not expensive as $90,000 can get you a house. Telecommunications and technology is a booming industry in the city.

5. Orlando

Orlando Flórida

If you want somewhere where you can play golf, with warm weather and an active lifestyle, you should consider living in Orlando. The fun does not end there as it will not be named as the “The Theme Park Capital of the World” in 2014 for nothing.

The number of tourists visiting the place is very high because of the fun and exciting activities that it offer. Aside from the fun and excitement it offers, it also has a good temperature and a charming, diverse neighborhood. Above all, getting employed isn't exactly a problem there.

You can find affordable houses for sale at around $100,000 and the advantage is that you can visit the Mickey mouse without spending extra money with hotels 🙂

You should move to Orlando if:

You're a golfer.

You like a warm climate.

You take an interest in focused games or appreciate a functioning way of life.

Gracious definitely, and it was named one of our 100 Best Places to Live.

Named "The Theme Park Capital of the World" in 2014, this bustling city energized by the travel industry is an exuberant place.

6. Gainesville


Housing one of the largest U.S. universities, Gainesville has also been called the Tree City, USA. This is because of the great number of trees in different sizes and species which makes the process longer. In Gainesville, expansion of museums and theaters is ongoing as well as historical landmarks are being produced.

The median home value in the city is $178,200. Which seems to be a little bit higher compared to the other cities but in fact it worth living in such wonderful place.

7. Edgewater


Edgewater is the best choice if you want somewhere near the waters. The beaches near it are mostly quiet and have a few people only. Aside from these, this place is also very affordable, safe, has good schools, and has job opportunities as well.

If you never have heard of such a place, then all the more that you should live there. The crime rate is much lower compared to other places too. Each house on there will cost you around $100,000  and even with $50,000 you can get a smaller house.

8. Sebastian

Sebastian Florida

Sebastian is located on the east coast of Florida and is 90 minutes was from Edgewater. If you are the type of person who is fond of beaches and water sports, then Sebastian is perfect for you. Most of the beaches located in the place are not that discovered yet which means that you can enjoy the beach by yourself and is not really crowded during winter.

Sebastian is the home of the Sebastian Inlet State Park where you can do different activities such as surfing and swimming. It also houses the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge where you can experience the best bird watching, sightseeing, and fishing in the whole place.

House prices are around $250,000 and before you start thinking that this is too high, I must say that the place worth every penny. Just check the houses in the area by yourself.

9. Dunedin

Dunedin Florida

Dunedin is located near the west coast beaches and is one of the safest places in Florida. You can simply walk around alone and you'll be safe. Most people who are already in the area don't usually use their cars. Instead, they walk or bike. Buying a property in there isn't that costly as $100,000 and you can get yourself a condo unit.

There are also single family homes available which cost not more than $200,000. Dunedin is just a small town but definitely has everything you need and want - good schools, low crime rate, job opportunities, low cost of living, and so much more.

10. Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek Florida

Coconut Creek is located in southeast Florida, specifically in between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. The place has easy access over Florida's best beaches, and shopping, employment, and entertainment centers.

The place is much safer as well which is very evident with the number of crimes that happen in there. When it comes to the price of owning somewhere to live, the place has one of the cheapest prices ever.

With under $100,000 you can already have your own condo unit. But if you prefer single-family homes, that would cost you around $100,000. If you prefer a condo unit, it is very important that you check the age requirements before purchasing one. The place is strategically located near Miami which means that everything you need is just a drive away.

Final Thoughts

Florida is actually a decent choice when moving to a new place. Climate-wise, if you personally prefer summer days most of the time then this must be the place for you.

It has concealed springs and submerged caverns for daring individuals! For those who are stone crabs fanatics, Florida definitely might be the place for you. Also if you are a food enthusiast, the Cuban sandwich will be certainly delightful for you.

Choosing the perfect place where you can stay considering the budget that you have can be hard. I hope this list had helped you decide which among the places in Florida is the best for you and your family.

Perhaps now you can decide among those most affordable places to live in Florida and move into the Sunshine State 🙂 

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