How to Immigrate to the USA Without Job Offer [ Yes, you can]

If you’re an immigrant looking to move to the USA, it can be hard to find a job to sponsor your visa, however, you still have good chances to move come live in this country.

In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on getting started and what things are involved in immigrating here without a job offer.

Important: The information in this article is based on my experience as a legal immigrant living in the United States. You can learn intersting things here but I also recommend to talk to an immigration lawyer before take any action.

Can you move to the USA without a job?

You can immigrate and live in the USA without having a job offer. 

You do not need to be an expert or even have much experience; just be ready to put some work into it and follow the immigration rules.

There are two ways you can immigrate to the US without a job offer:

  1. Through work and study visas.
  2. By investing in a business in the country.

The first option is better for people who want a more stable life with less risk. Still, it’s essential to know that if your salary isn’t enough to cover living expenses, your partner or family will need to support you financially.

The second option is better for people who are up for a challenge and don’t mind taking risks. It can also be good if you want unlimited freedom of what kind of job you do in the future.

Immigrate to the USA with Work or Study Visa

Let’s take a loot at the different ways you can immigrate to the USA.

Immigrating to the USA with a Work Visa

There are specific visas for immigrating workers and non-immigrating workers. 

Immigrating workers get priority when applying for a Visa, so it’s necessary to plan your application ahead of time and not wait until you have an offer from the company that wants to hire you.

You can apply for these visas as soon as your employer provides enough information about their business in order to prove they are eligible and qualified. 

Non-immigrating workers don’t need such extensive background checks, but this means more risk involved if anything happens with the company or visa process. 

You might also find yourself without any way of earning money after coming here on a non-immigrant worker Visa because immigration laws make it difficult for people who don’t hold authorization by law (such as permanent residents) to work legally. 

A non-immigrating worker is a person that is willing to work temporarily in the US before returning to their country.

 It’s necessary to be sponsored by a company and re-apply for a new visa to change the job while in the US.

Immigrating to the USA as a student

Sure, it’s essential to have a job to provide for your family; however, you can start as a student, and if you are willing to put in the necessary work, it is possible to find a job in the USA.

You do not need to have any qualifications or education for most jobs that require minimal skills, such as restaurants, taxi drivers, hotel maids, or janitors.

You can work while studying in the United States; however, there are limitations on the type of job you can get and how many hours you can work since you need to have time to study.

There are very few restrictions, and you can work full-time or part-time. In addition, you don’t need to have any experience in the field that your potential employer is offering, so it’s a good option for those who may feel they don’t have much of educational background.

After changing your immigration status, you can get a more specialized job than these, so it’s important to make sure you have the right skills and credentials.

Immigrate to the United States as a business investor

You can move to the United States as a business investor without any education at all, but you need to have a lot of money.

Congress created the EB-5 Program in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors.

If you are granted immigrant status, your spouse and children (under 21 years old) may also be eligible for immigration to the USA with no limit on the number of relatives who can immigrate at this time.

Yeah, you need to have some cash…. $900,000 to get started 🙂

You can find the rules and minimum investment amount on the official USCIS website. Please read the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

What to do if you don’t have a job offer

With the current political climate in the US, it’s more challenging to immigrate and work without a job offer.

The first thing you need is an employer who can sponsor your visa through what is called labor certification.

This step requires some time as there are only specific windows of opportunity that allow for this application process each year.

It also needs to be done before applying for anything else like a green card or permanent residency so make sure you plan ahead on how much money you will have and when these opportunities come up.

The law changes frequently, but if you’re willing to do any skilled labor, then one out of four employers could hire someone with no experience just because they don’t want to pay too much for non-qualified workers.


If you live in another country and want to move to the US, it can be tricky with all of the recent changes. 

The first thing you need is an employer who can sponsor your visa through what is called labor certification. 

This process means that a company will attest on paper that they intend to hire this person for a specific job, which would make them eligible for immigration status.

Labor certifications take time – up to six months or more- so if there’s someone close by who might want to move to the USA, please share this article with them now!

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