How to get cheap school supplies and uniforms

When is time to back to school your main concern is how to get cheap school supplies and purchase the correct and most affordable uniform, right ?

In this article, you will learn how to buy the best school supplies at fantastic prices. Just keep reading...

The secret is to take advantage of the offers.

So the kids had some fun and now it's time to get back to school and as parents, we have to look for the best deal when buying school supplies.

Tax-free school supplies

The first thing you can do to help you save some dollars is to take advantage of the back to school tax-free offers. If you have that option in the state you live, just go for it. (Here in Florida this option is available).

You can check if it's available in your state, click the link below.

Tips to save money on school supplies

There are some things you can do to save money in addition to the school supplies, you can save money on a uniform and almost all office supplies.

We decided to purchase the school supplies before the tax discount day because we took advantage of some very good offers that worth more than saving with the taxes.

1. Purchase online

Purchase the school supplies online or at least search in different sites on the Internet. This will give you a chance to compare the different prices.

2. Save money on the Target online store

After searching prices online we found the prices on the Target online store.

For pencil and paper, we got really good prices.

Target School Supplies 01

And we found more things that were on the list at good prices.

Target School Supplies 02
Target School Supplies 03
Target School Supplies 03
Target School Supplies 03

And here's the total we paid for everything

Target School Supplies 05

We got the schools supplies from Target without shipping for delivery and won with a discount after using a coupon that we found on the Internet.

Target was not the only one with good prices, we also found another store.

3. Save money on the Office Depot

Evaluate the offers is very important because you often save much more money with the offers than with the tax rebate. 

But just pay attention to the dates, as offers are for a limited time.

We got 30% discount in the Office Depot for 

Office Depot School Supplies

Again we got FREE Delivery, that's something very important to pay attention to. When you don't pay for the delivery you save money.

Office Depot

4. Save money with PBTeen

PBteen offers lunch box with half of the prices. so it's a good deal.


We also purchased a nice water bottle and it the price was very good compared to Kipling's. And again we didn't pay for the delivery !!

5. Use discount coupons

Find the coupons spread over the Internet that allows you to get discount on your purchase and save more money.

See the list of an online store where you can save money by using coupons.

6. Get FREE delivery

If you find products of the same price in different stores compare the prices and make some adjustments to the purchase carts so you don't need to pay for the delivery. Every store has its rule, so be careful when closing the cart.

7. Use the school supplies list

In some store you can find the school supplies list, just enter the zip code of your city and you will see a list of schools, then just choose the right one.

Target School Supplies list
Target School Finder

I like to pick up the list at school and/or in most cases, the teachers send directly to the children what they will actually use.

After a certain age, the children have specific classes and the lists change according to where they are studying.

See the example of my daughter's supplies list:

School supply list

She does not need the materials of Intensive Mathematics, neither for the Reading class, because the supplies are not part of her grade.

8. Save money in the uniform

Walmart, Target, Amazon and Old Navy are great for finding uniforms (make sure to check at school what uniform your child will wear since each school is different.

Contribute to others

In public school, there is a WISH LIST that is not mandatory, but I like to contribute because my daughter is also part of the group and everybody can contribute a little bit, right?

These are products that students end up using at school, such as:

Paper towel they use at the parties they have in the classroom.

The wipes to clean the desks and other things, hands sanitizer they use before eating something in the room, for example.

Paper for copy tests and texts written by teachers. I think that's fair because they are interesting things and students don't waste their time copying from the blackboard. It's a time saver.


Try to use a combination of all methods to save money purchasing your kids's school supplies. Every year thing can change a little, so keep watching. 

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