How do I improve my grades in school?

A lot of students come to read this article because they have a simple question: "How to improve my grades in school?" and if you are a student or perhaps a parent trying to help your kid, you got to the right place. 

In this article I will show you some important things you can do to improve your grades in school, they are simple but very effective.

School grade

The school grades are important

Good grades are important for students, especially the ones living in the U.S.

In the first phase of the studies, the child has no idea how important it is to have a good grade in the US for the student career and for the life in general. 

The grades, behaviors, and interest in extra studies are very valuable. At first, only teachers and parents are aware of that.

There are many things you can do to get better grades... Even if you are almost finished with some stage of your school, it is never too late to learn good habits and use them in your life.

Things that help to improve the school grades

Here is a list of things that help to improve your school grades. You must take them seriously, otherwise, they are not going to work.

Asking for advice

Asking is the best way to find out EVERYTHING!

If you are a student and don't feel confident asking your teacher directly, ask your parents to send a note asking for advice on how to get better grades.

Asking advice to improve the schools grades

The parents can also send an email or have a direct conversation with the teacher. This step is really very important and helps a lot.

If the grade is not good, talk to the teacher to have an explanation and understand what happened to the specific grade and how to improve it.

Asking the right questions

Ask the right questions: "What should I do to get a better grade?" Or "Why is this question wrong?" This will allow your teacher to give you specific answers to the things you can work on.

Talk to your parents

You are a student reading article, keep in mind that it is important to talk about school with your parents as much as you can. Make sure you talk about the subjects you are learning and any issues you are having.

Parents care about you and your school grades

Your parents can assist you with homework, reading and explaining subjects, or acquiring extra study materials so that you have ways to learn in different ways. The parents care about their children, so yours care about you. 

Ask for extra help

If you, your parents and your teacher are working together, but you still can't get a good grade, maybe someone else can help.

This can be a difficult issue, especially in financial terms, but depending on your problem, it may be the right thing to do.

A good thing to do is to call a tutor, someone who knows well the subject in which you have problems, he can give you more attention and be able to explain in a way that makes more sense to you.

The tutor helps to improve the school grades

Here in the U.S. it is not difficult for private tutors to help improving the school grade because as this is very important to the career this kind of help is always required.

Sit on the first desk

This can be difficult in some primary schools because teachers assign seats to the students. However, if you have the chance, try to sit at the front desk. 

sit on the first desk to improve your school grades

You will be closer to the teacher, more involved with the subject and you will retain more information because you will be focused.

Participate in the classes

If your teacher asks a question, try to give an answer. You won't have a problem if you give the wrong answer, you are there to make mistakes and learn from them, just don't refrain yourself to participate in the classes.

Even if your answer is wrong, it will give the teacher the opportunity to give you the right information. That way, when the question comes up in the test, you'll be prepared for it.

That means asking questions as well. If your teacher says something and you don't understand, ask him/her to explain it again.

Asking questions in class

This will show the teacher that you really want to learn, and are interested in the class, this will make your grade to increase by being participative.

Take notes

Writing information that your teacher gives you is important. You may already be doing this, but you can always improve. See how:

Don't write down everything your teacher says. Instead, listen to the teacher and pay close attention. Write down the information that is placed on the board, this information is important.

Ask if teachers allow you to take photos, nowadays it is very common to use the technology, but it is necessary to make use of the photo afterward. Write down the idea in your notebook so you can better understand the information.

Try to outline your information, you can divide the paper into main ideas and minor ideas. You can also use visual aids such as pictures, graphics, or diagrams and use different colors or elements of different sizes to improve the explanation of the idea.

Taking notes in class

Improve your reading comprehension

Maybe you're already reading, and you're still having trouble. That means you need to improve the way you are reading.

You should be able to understand and explain what you just read. If you forget things shortly after reading, try some of these ideas to help you keep more information and discover the important parts of your reading:

Try to read aloud. Saying the words aloud will help you to understand things more clearly and make you a better reader.

When reading, highlight keywords and main phrases of the subject. You can also use a highlighter to identify words and phrases you don't understand, so you can ask your parents and teachers to explain.

Highlight your ideas

Your grade level depends on how you understand the subjects and is able to present your ideas, so it is so important that you know how to organize them. Reading makes your brain work neatly.

Improving focus and time management

Organize your schoolwork. One great thing you can do get better school grades is to organize yourself.

If you are not organized, you will lose focus and forget things.

This will help you to be prepared and keep track of what you need to do:

- Have separate notebooks and folders for different subjects.

- Get a planner, where you will write down all the homework and when you must finish them. It takes so time to get used to the planner, but if you write down all the things you need to do, you'll probably remember them.

Ready to go to school

- The night before school have all your things packed and ready to go, By doing that way, you don't waste time looking for things in the morning. 

Create a homework routine

Having a regular schedule to do your homework can be a great help in trying to improve your grades. Do your best to ensure that this homework time happens at the same time every day.

Don't forget to think about other activities when planning your homework time.

Consider other things like soccer practice, dance classes, or even going out with friends. You can have time for those activities as long as you are organized and have a specific time to do your homework.

In the U.S. students have assignments on very interesting sites and thus can improve the grading. But not only that, it is necessary to comply with the delivery time too!

Boy doing his homework

Cut distractions

During your homework time, make sure you have no distractions.

Turn off the TV, video game, mobile phone, anything that will draw attention away from your homework.

This can also mean your parents, siblings or pets, anything that can distract you.

If you are not paying attention to your homework, it is easier to make mistakes.

Cut Homework distractions

Ask your parents to check the homework

When you are done doing a task, ask your parents to check what you did. They can help you see things that you can improve. They may also ask questions to check how much you remember about what you've learned.

If your parents find something wrong with your homework, you will need to correct it. Otherwise, you will bring something to the teacher that you know is wrong, and this will not help you improve your school grades.

Have breakfast every morning

Breakfast is an important meal that will help you every morning and let you ready for the day at school. See some recommendations for a good breakfast.

- Have a healthy breakfast with whole grains, fiber, and protein.

- Good foods include fresh fruit, whole grains, low-sugar cereals, yogurt, etc.

Healthy Breakfast

Get enough sleep

Make sure you get plenty of sleep every night, something like 8 to 10 hours. This will keep you awake and alert at school in the next day.

If you don't sleep, you will become tired or irritated during the day, which means you will not have enough attention during school activities.


If your parents have a bedtime rule for you, just respect it.

Sleeping can be difficult with so many electronic distractions available, so how about turning off phones, TVs and computers one hour before bedtime? Do it.

Behave properly when you are at school

This means following your teacher's instructions, treating your classmates with respect, and not distracting yourself with cell phones or other books. When you misbehave, you will have problems and you will need to fulfill some punishment.

 Bad behavior problems can also hurt your school grades, so just avoid it.

Even if you have done your homework, and passed the tests, your grade will not be A if your teacher lowers your grade because you did not behave properly. 

Your parents probably know what the school's policies are and which is considered appropriate behavior, including which uniform to use and the proper manner of speaking. (don't use bad words).

Girl with a bad attitude

If you're not sure about something, talk to them to make sure you're following the rules. Small children should be guided even more carefully!

Have a plan for your future

When thinking of getting school higher grades, consider the type of grades you want. 

You may want to get an "A", but depending on where you are in the school year, it may be too late. So work hard since the beginning of the year, but don't give up if you have bad school grades and need to improve them in the middle of the year.

You can also talk to your parents about getting rewards for good grades, perhaps you can get a new toy. That way, you will have something to work for.

Boy with his toys

Of course, your parents can say no to this idea, it's up to them to decide.

Keep learning outside of school.

Reading more can help you become a better reader and writer, which will help improve your grades. You can also learn more about school subjects that you think are interesting or read other things that you like with quality and good content.

Remember that learning is a skill, so the more you do, the more you improve.

This doesn't mean just finding things online on the Internet or reading comics.

Talk to your teacher about books that are good for your reading level and interests so you can find good things to read.

Remember, your goal is to improve your school grades, so make sure that this extra reading comes after you do your homework.

If I have a disability, can I still have good school grades?

Do not give up if you have a learning disability.

Sometimes you don't have bad school grades because you are a bad student, but because you have trouble paying attention or reading correctly. 

Learning disabilities are common, and you should not be discouraged if you have this problem. By talking to your teacher, parents, and doctor, you can learn how to deal with these challenges so you can improve in your school grades.

If you think you are having trouble taking these steps to improve the school grades, you can talk to your doctor.

If there is a problem, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Dyslexia, your doctor may suggest ways to treat it so you can concentrate on school.

Final considerations and conclusion

If you are a student trying to improve your school grades or a parent helping your kid just follow the tips and advice in this article to improve the school grades.

I'm pretty sure those techniques work very well as I've been teaching kids for 20 years straight, so I have plenty of experience to share with you.

Just keep the focus on getting good school grades.

I hope this has been helpful and please share the post with your friends.

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