Augusta Georgia USA

Most affordable places to live in Georgia

If all the places in the world will be ranked according to the most affordable places to live, Georgia is definitely on the top. The Peach State is somewhere people just can’t resist. But what is in Georgia that makes it a good and affordable place to stay?Is it because of its rich history? Is […]

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What is Credit Score

What is credit score (credit score USA for foreigners)

If you are seriously considering living in the United States, you must learn some important things, such as how the credit score system works.Lenders use this system to check the history of a potential buyer.Some foreigners use to call this system: “credit score USA for foreigners” but in fact, it works the same way for […]

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Filling the tank and using the GetUpside App

How to save money on gas (get cashback using a Free App)

Today I have an important tip for anyone who wants to save money in the US, when you go to the gas station just use this free App to get cashback.Did you know that there is an mobile App that allows you to choose the gas station that is closest to you, has the best […]

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