The city of Doral

Is Doral a good place to live ? (find out the truth)

Is Doral a good place to live? (find out the truth)Before I move to the U.S. my question was “what’s the best city to live in?” but I had to narrow it down to the question “Is Doral a good place to live?”Perhaps you are asking exactly the same question and the idea of this […]

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2 feet long

Metric vs. imperial system explained

If you are an immigrant, chances are that you don’t completely understand the imperial system used in the United States. right?The same is true for tourists. When you are driving your car and the GPS is talking about miles or you go buy a sandwich and the bread is 6-inch size.If that’s the case, don’t […]

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US visa types

If you are planning to come to the USA you need to understand a little bit about the VISA types to find out which one is better for you so you can come legally to the United States.I’m an immigrant myself and when I first considered coming to the US I had to deal with […]

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Filling the tank and using the GetUpside App

How to save money on gas (get cashback using a Free App)

Today I have an important tip for anyone who wants to save money in the US, when you go to the gas station just use this free App to get cashback.Did you know that there is an mobile App that allows you to choose the gas station that is closest to you, has the best […]

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Work VISA L1

How to get an L1 visa to work in the USA (step-by-step real example)

If you plan to move to the USA and want to learn how to get an L1A Visa, this blog post is exactly what you are looking for.I will show my step-by-step process on how I got my Visa so that you can have the perfect real scenario example.I am an immigrant who used to […]

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How to work in the USA

How to work in the USA as a foreigner

In this post, I want to share my experience in coming to the United States to work in Miami as an engineer. Perhaps my history can inspire you!Just read through the article to find out how I could get my work visa for me and my family and later get our resident card (green card).So, […]

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