Best places to live in Florida for retirees

Retiring is the end of the working life and the beginning of a new life which then calls for a good place to live and enjoy. But where exactly should you move to?

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Most retired people like the idea of living in Florida. But where exactly in Florida is the best place to live once you have retired? To help you figure out where to stay, we have compiled the best places to live in Florida for retirees.

1. Miami Beach

Whenever people hear the word Florida, the very first thing that they can commonly associate with the country is the Miami Beach. The Miami Beach is known for its South Beach culture which is characterized by diversity.

Miami Beach is also known as an art deco center due to its colorful architecture. Its architecture is influenced by the Cubans who lived on the Southern parts of Florida.

2. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is very much known for the inexpensive cost of living and with the sun that shines all year round. It is the perfect place an amazing cultural experience alongside amazing foods from magnificent restaurants with good music and beautiful art displays.

Furthermore, St. Petersburg is the home of the third-largest waterfront public park system in the country. It is also a safe haven and paradise for those who love dogs as much as they love humans. Besides, the place is known as the third most dog-friendly city.

3. The Villages

By its design alone, it can already be concluded that this place is definitely the haven for retirees. The place was specially designed and built for the Baby Boomers army. They visit the planned community on a daily basis. The Village houses both males and females with an average age of 62 and 60 respectivelly.

The Village measures around 33,000 acres. It also has a golf cart parts which measures around 100 miles. With such large golf cart parts, the place has become a paradise for golfers. It has two golf courses - 12 championship golf courses and 36 shorter executive-style golf courses. A separate three town squares which feature live entertainment. The live entertainment is performed every night from 5 PM to 9 PM.

4. Vero Beach

Vero Beach lies along the Treasure Coast of Florida and was known as "America's Best Small Towns" not too long ago. The city offers everything a summer person loves with its beautiful beaches and a great number of tennis courts and golf courses. Vero Beach homes world-class art museum, high-end shopping centers, and a mouthwatering dining experience alongside with an amazing nightlife.

It can also be the home of those who want to keep close contact with nature as the city houses one of the world's largest turtle nesting habitat sites.

5. Tallahassee

Tallahassee is Florida's capital. It is the place where Florida State University and Florida A&M is located. Tallahassee is both a political and college town which looks like Boston with the addition of palm trees and of course, a lower cost of living. The city is located 20 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico and 15 miles away from the Georgia border.

It stands on the hills at the northwester northwestern part of the state. In this place, summer is much longer which means that outdoor activities are offered almost all year round.

6. Naples

Naples is located across the Alligator Alley in Miami. It is one of the best places to live in Florida for retirees with its relaxing ambiance. The perfect place to see the gorgeous sunset and a colorful downtown district at night.

Aside from this, the city has a very low crime rate in as much as the quality of education be it public or private is incomparable. The city never goes out of restaurant which offers mouthwatering and delectable food every time. It also has a great number of wide golf courses which makes it not surprising that the place is in high demand.

7. Dunedin

When you are looking for a place which offers comfort and is affordable at the same time, Dunedin is definitely your go-to place. Dunedin is very near to Tampa with over 39 miles of biking and walking trails. The average price of homes in the city is around $200,000.

It is also the perfect fishing spot most especially when you are trying to get tryouts as Dunedin is also at the St. Joseph's Sound which is a fishing spot in the U.S.

8. Hialeah

Hialeah is located 11 miles away from the northwest of Miami and is known as the sixth largest cities in Florida. It is very popular with its Park.

Hialeah Park is a haven for horse racing as it has been revitalized to give the racers and everyone who watch a better experience. The city has a diverse culture and has served as a safe place for Latin American immigrants. Up until this time, most residents are of Mexico and Puerto Rico origins.

9. Orlando

Orlando houses two major tourists spots in Florida - the Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort - which makes it a popular place for retirees. Aside from these tourists spots, owning a property in Orlando isn't as expensive as everybody thought. Besides, medium-sized houses cost only around $234,000.

10. Sarasota

Sarasota is located at the southwestern coast of Florida. It is a city of the Sarasota County which is popular with its culture and tourist spots which include resorts and beaches. It is also known for the Sarasota School of Architecture.

11. New Port Richey

New Port Richey lies in the area of Tampa-St. Petersburg. The place is also very close to the Gulf of Mexico and is nearly a major city. This means that it is rich in amazing places such as museums, event places, and the rest. Aside from these places, it also houses a great number of medical and recreation facilities, and retirement communities.

12. Orange Park

Orange Park is one of the best places to live especially for retirees as it offers a peaceful and serene environment. It is not overcrowded as has only around 10,000 residents. Orange Park is located near Jacksonville, a city which offers small-town life. Its name reflects the dream of the city's founders to grow oranges in the city, but the dream never became a reality.

13. Brooksville

Brooksville is an hour drive from the north of Tampa and is one of the best destinations for retirees who want to live a small town life. The place has this small town feel as it only has around 8,000 residents. Despite the size and the number of residents, the city houses medical centers, recreation centers, and retirement facilities. Aside from these, many historic houses are also found in the place.

14. Stuart

Stuart is located near the Port St. Lucie and is less than an hour away from West Palm Beach. Stuart makes it a perfect spot for retirees who want warmer weather. The city has a lot of recreation facilities and medical centers. Furthermore, it also houses a good number of retirement facilities, 0.50 retirement centers per 1,000 residents.

15. Venice

Known as the “shark’s tooth capital of the world,” Venice is definitely the heaven for retirees who are into sharks and the like. The city celebrates an annual Shark’s Tooth Festival too.

Aside from this, the city has 0.61 retirement communities per 1,000 residents. More than half of the city's population are seniors which means that is surely a great place for retirees.

It is not surprising anymore to know that Florida has a lot of amazing places for retirees.

After all, it wouldn't be a Sunshine State for anything. Retirees would surely have a good time in their golden years with a great number of recreation facilities, tourists destinations, and retirement communities.

So, these are the best places to live in Florida for retirees.

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