8 Tips for the Kennedy Space Center Tour

8 Tips for the Kennedy Space Center Tour

The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is a place you definitely must visit if you are on vacation in Florida or perhaps just want to have some fun with the family and friends (I guarantee they will love it).

I have 8 valuable tip for the Kennedy Space Center first-time visitors!

Kennedy Space Center

Wanna have some fun? Just keep reading to learn more about the tours available at this wonderful place and see some pictures of the complex.

Kennedy Space Center Tour

With my daughter at Kennedy Space Center

Let's jump directly to the pictures and later in this article you can read more about the location, admission prices and other details.

1. Get there early

You can start the tour at 9 AM and stay all day long up to 6 PM 

When you get there early it's easy to park your car and redeem your ticket (If you buy them on the Internet). As you can see in the picture at that time there are just a few people walking around.

Welcome to the Kennedy Space Center

With my husband at the Kennedy Space Center

Just by getting there at the opening time we had time to visit everything and leave the place early.

2. Use the visitor the map

Just get a visitor map. Start visiting every place according to a route, by doing that you will optimize your time and make sure you are not missing any spot. I guarantee you that simple step will help you a lot !

Kennedy Space Center Map

3. Bring some snacks

The food in the Kennedy Space Center is good, I'm sure you gonna like the G-Force Grill or the Orbit Cafe, but be prepared to expend extra money.

G-Force in the Kennedy Space Center

You can bring your own lunch if you want to save some precious dollars.

You are not allowed to get into the space center carrying food, but you can leave the place and come back later as long as you have a stamp in your hand to prove that you were there earlier.

So, you can take a break to eat some snack in your car and come back inside to have more fun. (with extra calories to burn in the process).

Take a look at this menu to check the prices

Moon Rock Cafe

Grilled Cuban Sandwich $8.19
Roasted Beef Sandwich $8.79
Chicken Fajita Melt $8.19
Turkey Pastrami Sandwich $8.79
Turkey Roll-Up $7.59
Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich $7.59
Edd Salad Sandwich $7.59

Grilled Chicken Caesar $7.99
Club Salad $7.99
Garden Salad $3.99

Parfait $4.99
Fruit Cup $4.99
Desserts $4.29
Ice Cream $3.79
Space Dots Ice Cream $4.79
Assorted Candy $2.29
Chips $1.89
Gluten Free Chips $3.29
Fresh Fruit $1.79
Yogurt Cup $1.29

4. Come prepared for the autographs

Do you have an autograph book? C'mon I know you have one somewhere !

If you are coming from the Disney World with a lot of autographs in your book, you can have extra ones from the astronauts. Cool, huh?

Kenedy Space Center Capsule

5. Purchase your tickets online

You can purchase your tickets for the Kennedy Space Center on the Internet for a good price and have your free-parking if you pick the Multiday one.

After purchasing the tickets you get an email with barcodes but it's not necessary to print them. It's enough to have them on your mobile.

Kennedy Space Center

6. Choose the dates carefully

If you are planning to visit the Kennedy Space Center in between December 25 and January 1 you will have to share the space with much more people and have extra time in line for tours, attractions and food.

Kennedy Space Center Entrance

Just make sure you choose a less busy date or be prepared for some extra waiting time. So follow the tip to get there early 😉

Kennedy Space Center Turbines

7. Take the bus tour

Hey, don't get late for the bus. You don't want to miss that tour because it's awesome. You can see some cool stuff.

Have you watched some movie about space adventure and got that nice curiosity about all that rockets and cool machines?

Bus Tour at Kennedy Space Center

I have good news for you, you can see all those buildings, launchpads and other really interesting things during the bus tour. Be there on time !

Kennedy Space Center

The last bus departs at 3:30 PM, so don't let the tour for the last minute.

8. Bring some money for souvenirs

Want to have some souvenirs or cool pictures to show to friends and family?

Bring extra money because they are a little bit pricey, starting around $5 for small things. So, just put some dollars in your wallet before you come 🙂

Kennedy Space Center location

We were on vacation on Orlando visiting some parks (love ya Mickey) and from there we just jumped into the car for an one-hour travel to get to the Kennedy Space Center. It's easy, just let your GPS guide you...

Kennedy Space Center Route

The prices to have some fun

You can visit the Kennedy Space Center website to purchase your tickets. You will find different options as follow: 

Kenedy Space Center Tickets

Daily Admission

The Daily admission is $57 for adult and $47 for a child and allows you to visit the place for only one day. (I think is enough to make the tours).

Multiday Admission

The second option is the Multiday Admission at a price of $82 for adult and $67 for a child and allows you to visit the place how many times you want for a one-year period. (As we live in Florida, we purchased this one).

Before you ask, here goes the answer...No, we didn't return to the place to enjoy the Multiday ticket. (Just because we didn't have the time).

With this ticket you got a one-time-free-parking

Atlantis Annual Pass

This one costs $96 for adult and $76 for kids.

With this pass, you can visit the Kennedy Space Center for one year, get free parking and a 10% discount on the tickets for up to six guests.

You also get a discount on food (which is good because they are a little overpriced inside the complex).

Explorer Annual Pass

If you are really serious about space exploration you can get this annual pass for the price of $146 for adults and $116 for kids.

It includes the benefits of the Atlantis Annual Pass and you can also have lunch with an astronaut (that's so cool), you also get the KSC Explorer Tour and a souvenir.

I think this is a good one for people that live in Florida and are passionate about space exploration.


If your ticket doesn't include free parking you need to expend $10 to park your car or $15 if your are driving a RV.

RV camping

Need to find a RV camping? There's one 20 minutes from the complex.

It's the Jetty Park, take a loot at the map below.

Final considerations

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center, it's a nice place to have some fun with friends and family. I really recommend.

Just make sure to plan your trip, bring some extra money and arrive early to enjoy everything in the complex.

Think carefully about what's the best ticket package for you, if you are really sure that will come back to the place in one-year it worth the annual plan, otherwise just purchase the daily admission and pay the $10 for parking. 

Have fun, and don't forget to share this post with your friends 😉

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