10 Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

When talking about living in the USA, one of the major concerns that pop immediately in our minds is the cost of living. Hah! I know you are guilty about that because I admit that I am. 

Florida - USA

More that you are, most probably, but I have some experience living in the state and that's the reason I'm writing this article about the cheapest place to live in Florida.

As someone who strives for a living, which I believe most of us are, I need my demands to be attainable but within the bounds of comfort while being realistic.

Human being as I am, there are some factors that I need to consider when it comes to choosing where I live - the comfort, affordability, and leisure.

Mostly, I consider the affordability because money is a crucial thing to keep in track! But of course, we have to keep our bodies and minds healthy because we cannot function well when we aren’t healthy, right?

Why Florida, in the first place?

To begin with, out of all the 52 States in America, Florida is one of the places where people choose to live because of its geographic location, economy, weather, and a lot more.

Translated as the “Land of Flowers” in Spanish, it has proven true to its name. It is the fourth largest state in the United States in terms of economy.

South Beach Miami Florida-usa

So, in this reading, we will be talking about the interesting things that you need to learn about the cities in Florida that you are thinking about living in, with the numbers that are highly significant in helping you decide where you want to live.

Sharing to you my personal list of places to stay in Florida where I consider affordability is met without losing the fun in it, according to research:

1. Perry, Florida

Embodies the qualities of how a Rural Florida should be, Perry is a small town that offers fun outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and camping.

Median income for households: $ 25,968
Median cost on rents: $ 602
Median cost on houses: $ 85,000

2. Quincy, Florida

This part of Florida was once dependent on agriculture – tomatoes, tobacco, soybeans, mushrooms, and a lot more. Compared to other places in Florida, Quincy is more on the arts and culture. There’s the Gadsden Arts Center and the Leaf Theatre for the artsies.

Median income for households: $ 29,393
Median cost on rents: $ 629
Median cost on houses: $ 94,300

3. Live Oak, Florida

Rich with dozens of beautiful springs, Live Oak, Florida is an ideal place for those who like to live a stress-free life. Apart from freshwater streams, the Twin Rivers State Forest which is Florida’s State Forest is located near the place.

Quite a catch for the adventure junkies out there!

Median income for households: $ 24,380
Median cost on rents: $ 659
Median cost on houses: $ 82,300

4. Okeechobee County, Florida

Fun fact: Named using the Hitchiti Tiribe who lived in the Southeast United States, Okeechobee County is from the tribe’s words “oka” which means water and “chobi” which means big.

So there, you have your clue on what this place has to offer – big waters. Also, this place can be a heaven for those who are keen about books since this is the part of Florida where 7 branches of the Heartland Library Cooperative is distributed.

Median income for households: $ 36,929
Median cost on rents: $ 714
Median cost on houses: $ 110,500

5. Fort Meade, Florida

This city was named after George Meade, who was a United States Army Officer and a civil engineer and was best known for winning the American Civil War against the Confederates.

I don’t know if you are interested about that, but that’s where Fort Meade got its name. Interesting activities for those who loves the outdoors are kayaking and canoeing.

Median income for households: $ 32,984
Median cost on rents: $ 716
Median cost on houses: $ 63,100

6. Starke City, Florida

Starke has been a chosen location of several Hollywood films including Basic starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, Why do fools fall in love starring Halle Berry, G.I. Jane which starred Demi Moore, and a lot more films.

Median income for households: $ 27,021
Median cost on rents: $ 791
Median cost on houses: $ 87,000

7. Bartow, Florida

Although Bartow has afternoon thunderstorms during the rainy season due to it being near the Lightning Alley, it is undoubtedly sunny during the summer.

This place tends to have higher temperature during summer and lower temperatures during winter compared to other cities in the coasts of Florida. Nicknamed the City of Oaks and Azaleas, it has lived true to its name.

Median income for households: $ 44,297
Median cost on rents: $ 825
Median cost on houses: $ 102,400

8. Macclenny, Florida

Once called Darbyville because most of the area in this city was owned by the Darby Family. The town is highly known for its lumber production. Maybe if your job is related to such, you could use a good part of the city.

It’s always better to work on something you know a lot of things about!

Median income for households: $ 31,895
Median cost on rents: $ 833
Median cost on houses: $ 120,000

9. Mascotte, Florida

Named after a small ship that was used to transport tobacco from Cuba, Mascotte is one of the small cities in Florida that has proven that small things come in great packages. No doubt that this city has developed despite its geographic size.

Median income for households: $ 38,558
Median cost on rents: $ 860
Median cost on houses: $ 106,100

10. Newberry, Florida

A great place for baseball and softball enthusiasts, Newberry, Florida is the location of Easton-Newberry Sports Complex – one of the premiere baseball and softball complexes in America. This is one of the places in Florida where athletes and athletes alike could really make use of the place.

Median income for households: $ 49,623
Median cost on rents: $ 902
Median cost on houses: $ 154,100

What's the best place to live in Florida? 

Provided with the median for household’s income, median cost on rents and costs on houses, you will be able to estimate if the place that you are going to get will be slightly expensive or is a good catch.

Of course, while looking at the costs, you have to incorporate your budget for the house if you are going to buy one or your budget for the rent if you are up for rented place.

The list above is just few fragments of what each place have in store to offer you. Short as it may seem, it can help you decide whether the place is good for you or not.

Apart from this reading, you can ask some of your friends if your chosen place is a good catch. Asking people who has personally experienced these places are always the better ones to tell you if where’s good and where’s not.

The final decision

I personally find it difficult to choose which place to live in when you have a lot of good options to choose from. Just bear in mind that aside from just choosing a cheap place to stay, never forget how comfort and leisure are very important factors to consider.

Cheap does not necessarily mean it is affordable. Bear in mind that the place that you are going to choose in a Floridian City that you fell in love with should have a value for your money.

It’s not easy; it could be quite strenuous but difficult roads most of the time leads to beautiful places.

I hope this helped you in deciding where to stay in Florida and start living the life you always wanted to live.

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