Florida, USA

10 Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

When talking about living in the USA, one of the major concerns that pop immediately in our minds is the cost of living. Hah! I know you are guilty about that because I admit that I am. More that you are, most probably, but I have some experience living in the state and that’s the reason […]

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How is Living in Boston?

Are you thinking of moving or taking a vacation at Boston?  So, you are in the right place.In this article I will answer the question “How is Living in Boston”Photo: WikipediaWhat is the primary thing you think about when you consider Boston? Maybe it’s the memorable destinations along the Freedom Trail. There are numerous reasons why […]

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Augusta Georgia USA

Most affordable places to live in Georgia

If all the places in the world will be ranked according to the most affordable places to live, Georgia is definitely on the top. The Peach State is somewhere people just can’t resist. But what is in Georgia that makes it a good and affordable place to stay?Is it because of its rich history? Is […]

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mature couple smiling

Best places to live in Florida for retirees

Retiring is the end of the working life and the beginning of a new life which then calls for a good place to live and enjoy. But where exactly should you move to?Most retired people like the idea of living in Florida. But where exactly in Florida is the best place to live once you […]

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Golden Gate Bridge California

What Is The Best Place To Live in California?

California is considered to be the coolest state in the United States. Not cool as in the climate (it is, for the most part, sizzling throughout the entire year, even in winter), however cool as in the most stylish place to settle down and live in.Are looking for a climate worthy place? California just might […]

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Home model money and house keys

Most affordable places to live in Florida

I came to the US many years ago and that was one of the best decision I ever made.I’m pretty sure the life in this country is very good as I experienced myself by analyzing the pros and cons of living in the USA. But how about Florida ? (The state I live in).I live […]

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